At Classic Quartz Kitchen Worktops, we intend to provide classy, out of the ordinary products for our customers. All our classic quartz stone kitchen worktops and countertops come with highly beneficial features. They are also affordable and within the reach of average London residents.

Check out our products for your bathroom and kitchen worktop needs. They come in amazing styles and finishes. They are listed clearly with details required for you to make an informed decision. Our classic quartz products London are genuine and offer the look you wanted to see. They make great decorators and made to fit, match and align with your lifestyle.

Check out all our products here.

Brillo Range

Brillo Branco

Brillo Branco

Brillo Crema

Brillo Gris

Brillo Noir

Brillo Rogue

Light Brillo Gris

Classic Range


Branco Cinzento


Cafe Gris

Cemento Ligero

Classic Gris

Glitter Branco, Matt Blanc and Sepia

Marble Range

Alaska Bianco, Arabescato, Boston, Calacatta Gris, Calacatta Leather, Calacatta Lusso, Calacatta M01, Calacatta Milan, Calacatta Santa, Calacatta Venatina

Gravel, Marbre Carrara and Olympia

San Vincente, Santorini, Serengeti, Statuario Blanco, Statuario Leather, Statuario M38, Statuario Milan and Statuario Venato

Vanilla Sky, Verona and Zivas Marfil

Premier Range

Alaska, Florence, Ibiza and Light Carrara

Madeira, Malaga, Marbre Gris, Marbre Late, Marbre Noir and Milano

Platino Branco, Platino Gris, Platino Gris Noir, Tarragona, Valencia Marron and Valencia Verde